AMD Navi Radeon RX 5000 Series GPU Announced

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AMD has announced their latest GPU architecture at this year’s Computex.

The new AMD Navi RX 5000 architecture will be available for PCs, gaming consoles, and even the cloud. The new GPU hardware will be powering the next-gen PlayStation as well. A worldwide release is set for sometime in July.

Here’s a blurb on the new card:

RDNA gaming architecture and AMD Radeon RX 5700-series – RDNA, the next foundational gaming architecture designed to drive the future of gaming, delivers incredible performance, power, and memory efficiency in a smaller package compared to the previous generation Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture. RDNA will power the upcoming 7nm Radeon RX 5700-series graphics cards, which feature high-speed GDDR6 memory and support for the PCIe 4.0 interface.

The hardware sports the all-new 7nm RDNA architecture, short for Radeon DNA, a departure from their last real architecture change-up with the GCN, or Graphics Core Next.

The new hardware utilizes a new Compute Unit design, a new streamlined graphics pipeline, and a new multi-level cache hierarchy. AMD notes they’ve managed to increase bandwidth, reduce latency, all while lowering the power consumption through improved engineering.

AMD Navi 5000 series cards will feature PCIe 4.0 for a huge leap in bandwidth, but only with compatible motherboards and CPUs. A demo was shown off for the game Strange Brigade, which AMD boasted saw a 10% performance increase over the Nvidia RTX 2070.

A price point for the new RX 5700 was not confirmed, however further details are supposed to come at this year’s E3, during a livestream on June 10th, at 3PM Pacific.



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