AMD Announces X570 Motherboards

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AMD had a private Computex showcase after the keynote where they announced the new Ryzen CPUs and Navi GPUs, where they showed off their latest motherboard hardware.

Unlike previous X370-X470 chipsets, the X570 is designed completely in-house by AMD as those older designs were done by ASMedia. These new chipsets are more inline to what Intel’s have been, as the design cost may be higher but it’s better for the long term. This new design supports PCIe gen 4.0 through out the motherboards.

According to Techpowerup, the motherboard designers can spread out two M.2 NVMe slots and a physical x4 slot. The total PCIe lanes for the CPU and motherboard combined is 40, which is double that offered on previous Ryzen CPUs, and a bit more than double that of mainstream Intel CPUs.

Also featured are updated connectivity like 802.11AX WIFI, 2.5-10 Gigabit Ethernet wired networking and USB 3.2 ports.

The chipset now includes fans on a lot of the higher end boards as the TDP is rumored to be about 15W. Though I’ve heard whispers of it being even up to 20W, this seems necessary if you want to do multiple NVMe M.2 SSDs in RAID.

AMD also noted that they will have up to 50 new Motherboard models from all of their partners, all of which will be available at launch in July.

Niche Gamer’s Take: Those on high end to mid-range current AMD AM4 motherboards might get away with just upgrading their CPUs, though overclocking the 12-core or the upcoming unannounced 16 core engineering sample that has been making the rounds on the net may require a higher end motherboard. The real benefit here for everyone else is the ability to have multiple PCIe devices like NVMe Storage or multi-GPU That being said if you plan on doing several NVMe drives in your build be sure to pick up a board with a fan on the heatsink.



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