Amazon is Still Removing Anime Figures and Insisting They “Promote Child Exploitation”


According to some users, Amazon has removed listings for multiple figurines from multiple brands after labeling them as products that “promote child exploitation”.

Twitter user and Amazon vendor Chuck Gaffney noted that his listings were being removed en masse by Amazon. After listing over a dozen figures that allegedly ran afoul of Amazon’s policy, Gaffney was given thirty days to remove the listing before Amazon took matters into their own hands.

This isn’t the first time that Amazon has taken it upon themselves to erroneously describe anime and manga products this way. Last year Amazon removed multiple figures and also the official Yen Press English release of No Game No Life from their store.

What’s interesting to note is that despite Amazon’s removal of these products, competitors like Newegg and even Wal-Mart have listings for these anime figures (the figma of Konata Izumi in her summer uniform by Max Factory was one of the many listings removed in Amazon’s message to Gaffney).

Businesses aren’t the only ones advocating for the removal of anime and manga titles from sale. Last year Australian politicians pressured Japanese book importer Kinokuniya to remove multiple titles from their store in Sydney.

Other listed figures include seemingly obvious adult characters like Nico Robin from One Piece. Regardless, after continuing the trend from last year, Amazon remains insistent that anime figurines run afoul of their policies.

Images: IconsPNG, Pinterest

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