Amazon France Erroneously List Multiple PS4 Titles Coming to PC: Persona 5 Royal, Gran Turismo Sport, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, The Last of Us Part II, and Days Gone

Amazon France

Amazon France have erroneously listed multiple PlayStation 4 titles coming to Windows PC, including Persona 5 Royal, Gran Turismo Sport, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, The Last of Us Part II, and Days Gone.

The listings were soon noticed by Twitter users, such as Wario 64 [1, 2, 3, 4], and Nibellion– both accounts dedicated to video game news. All the listings are devoid of any images or description, other than their ASIN numbers (Amazon Standard Identification Number). Using the Amazon ASIN website is ineffectual, as it only at listings on Amazon’s US website.

Days Gone is also listed as “Days Gone Edition,” rather than Collector’s Edition or the like. The game did have Digital and Special Editions.

PC Gamer have reached out to Sega over Persona 5 Royal, who stated “That listing is an error and we’re looking into having it taken down and how it happened.”

PC Gamer also point out that although Amazon France have listed games early before (such as Horizon: Zero Dawn), in 2015 they did list Bloodborne as coming to Windows PC. They also highlight how the cancelled Scalebound is still listed on Amazon.

The fact this has happened to multiple titles that are on PlayStation 4 is the biggest oddity. Persona 5 Royal launched worldwide on March 31st, hardly making it a case of older PlayStation titles giving up exclusivity years after their initial release.

Then again, Sega have denied the game was heading to PC. Even so, it’s hard to imagine that if the other cases were genuine, why someone would accidentally list Persona 5 Royal (for example, if they were working from an itinerary of games).

Further, these cases usually see the games ported digitally to save money. While Amazon do sell digital game codes for platforms such as Steam, we would usually see such games on Steam first, with Steam Keys going out to other platforms after release.

Speaking to IGN, Sony stated “The listings are not accurate. We have made no announcements to bring these games to PC.” They also reiterated Sega’s statement.

We will keep you posted as we learn more.

Image: Wikipedia [1, 2]

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