Alone With You is Coming Exclusively to PS4, Vita

We’ve known about Benjamin Rivers’ upcoming sci-fi adventure game, Alone With You, for quite some time now.

Now, we’ve learned that Alone With You is coming exclusive to both PlayStation 4 and Playstation Vita sometime in 2015. Featured above, you can view a new trailer for the game – it looks pretty damn brooding.

“You play as the sole remaining member of a doomed terraforming colony,” Rivers said on the PlayStation Blog. “Your planet will crumble and implode in less than a month, and you must use your remaining time to try to escape.”

Your task is naturally to survive and escape, but your ship is malfunctioning. The only people who can repair it have already died, and you must take the advice of the colony’s artificial intelligence to recreate those individuals. It’s not clear how you’ll resurrect these people, but you must do so in order to fix your ship.

“You’ll explore half a dozen unique areas, using your scanner to find things you need, and return home safely,” Rivers said. “Along the way you’ll piece together bits of what happened before the colonists met their end. Every day, you’ll converse with your ever-present AI companion to learn more about the planet and your quest—you may even get to know each other pretty well, which should give you both plenty to discuss as you work together, day after day.”

When talking about how you’ll actually revive your former colonists – Rivers teased that it “might not be as straightforward as you imagine.”



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