All ways to earn and spend gold in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight


WoW is an active MMO RPG that offers players constant updates, the choice of factions that are in confrontation with each other.


You will complete quests, hunt monsters, engage in professions and earn WoW gold, which will be useful at any stage of your gameplay.


The role of game currency in WoW Dragonflight


The main currency and source of all financial transactions in World of Warcraft is gold, which can be received as a fixed reward while completing quests, for hunting monsters and when working with the profession system and selling resources and finished products to other players who need them.




After choosing your faction, race and classes, a short training will begin on moving and interacting with the main interfaces in World of Warcraft and you will begin to complete quests and tasks.


The main quests will optionally lead you through one of the territories from the old updates, which become inactive and are available for leveling until you get to the current Dragonflight update, which will be available from level 60.


For each quest, you will receive gold and experience and will be able to advance along the storyline.


The main quests will go one after another, and you just need to follow the target designation and try to destroy as many secondary targets that come your way.


To do this, you need to choose to work all the quests that are available in one city and location to which the story quests will lead you.


Your main goal is to complete as many quests as possible and collect gold, which is awarded as a reward.


Particularly valuable will be tasks with unlimited quest items, in which you will receive a reward depending on the number of quest items that you can bring.


First you need to collect the required amount, for example 50, and then all the items that you receive in the future will be exchanged for gold and experience.


Hunting in locations


All quests will one way or another lead you to a location that suits your level, and you will begin your hunt and preferably destroy those monsters that are on the list of tasks in your quests, but at the same time continue to hunt locations to get pure gold and resources, which will be useful for crafting to you or other players to whom you will sell them and receive gold in World of Warcraft Dragonflight.


To effectively obtain resources and gold, you need to hunt monsters that are 5–7 levels higher than you, but not more or less than this value, because in this case the amount of experience and WoW gold that you will receive for kills is reduced.


Profession system for earning gold


In World of Warcraft there is a whole sphere of professions, thanks to which you can receive resources, or create items and weapons for your hero, or for sale to other players.


Resource gathering professions can be used to accumulate ores, herbs, plants, animal skins, gems, reagents and either set them aside for future production or simply sell them to other players to receive pure World of Warcraft gold.


Thanks to the new mechanics of the order table, you can choose a rather complex format in which you will study two professions at once and buy all the necessary materials through purchases at the auction, but in the future it will pay off.


When you reach the territory of the Dragon Islands and complete the story quests on each of them, you will open the mechanics of the order table, in which you will be able to fulfill the orders of other players and for this you will receive cheap World of Warcraft Dragonflight gold and at the same time upgrade your profession skills.


The most correct and cheaper option for earning gold would be to choose one collective and creating profession that is interconnected, and it is advisable to select it based on the principle of benefit for your hero.


For example, a warrior would be better suited to mining and working in a forge, a robber would be better suited to leatherworking and skinning, and a mage would be better suited to tailoring and inscription.


This approach will allow you to earn WoW gold for selling excess resources and ready-made items for your hero, and after leveling up the main level and mastery skill, you will constantly fulfill the orders of other players and receive for this the reward that the players consider fair for such work.


A particularly profitable format is when you do not look for your order among the available offers, but receive individual ones from players with a fixed payment, but for this you need to have developed skills and good authority among gamers, which you will acquire in the process of mastering professions.


The main thing is to carefully look at the conditions, because in personal transactions the players themselves agree on whose resources will be used to produce the goods, and if this is discussed and there is an additional payment, then there are no problems, but it is important to check the parameter so as not to be deceived.


What is the best way to spend WoW gold?


The more gold you have in World of Warcraft, the more little things you can buy, which will provide you with noticeable increases in performance.


You will be able to upgrade your weapons every 5 levels, and not be content with what you have until the next profitable quest.


You can buy quality food from local chefs and boost your performance for more than one hour of game time.


If you want to earn serious World of Warcraft gold, then you can do the following – take two crafting professions that are convenient for you to study, but since you will not have the opportunity to independently extract these resources, you will have to buy them from other players.


This is a good investment that will pay off in the future, and you will be able to fulfill orders for two types of products at once and develop specializations in order to be a sought-after specialist and earn WoW Dragonflight gold simply by standing at the machine, without even going to locations for resources – the customers themselves will bring you everything, They will also pay gold for their services.


How to buy game gold


You can go to the Skycoach website and select your game and the server on which you need game currency and pay for the order.


Just indicate the amount and wait for a connection with the service manager to begin the procedure for transferring your gold.


To ensure that the transaction is safe for you from the eyes of the gaming administration, several important principles are used:


  1. Gold that is transferred is obtained through gaming with the help of the efforts of Skycoach farmers – such gold will never be confiscated if there is suspicion of participation in sanctions and prohibited methods of obtaining.


  1. For the transfer, characters are used that have long been created and have weight for the Azeroth servers, and the transaction process itself will involve the obligatory transfer of any item in return for additional security in the face of the game administration.


For your safety, you will be provided with all the necessary guarantees of safety and refund in case of problem situations.


Skycoach has a minimal percentage of intervention from the gaming administration, but even in these rare cases, the client will be completely safe, and you will get back all your invested funds.


Skycoach values its name and your comfort and will always compensate for all your inconveniences and help resolve all issues if they suddenly arise.


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