All the basic mechanics and tips for Valorant that beginners need to know


Valorant is a full-fledged eSports shooter that allows players to split into two teams of 5 players and battle each other in a series of rounds, constantly changing sides once during the match.


The project has an economy system that allows you to buy different equipment for shooting and protecting your character from bullets and grenades.


You can also buy special spheres that provide access to special agent skills, which we will look at later, or get them for a series of kills, which directly affects your Valorant boosting.


The agent system allows all players to choose their character before the start of a match and play as them, supplementing their shooting capabilities with special skills that can influence the outcome of combat.


In total, the match will last until one of the teams achieves 13 victories.




The mechanics of weapons in Valorant are somewhat reminiscent of CS GO and have a clear division into several types with different rewards for killing enemies with their help.


Semi-automatic weapons bring in the most money, which are most often used during economic rounds from opponents, or when only some players do not have enough money for a full-fledged rifle and there is a chance to take possession of the enemy’s weapon.


Pistols are divided into powerful and simply attacking and, apart from the corresponding pistol rounds, are not used except for the powerful analogue of the desert eagle.


Assault rifles have a classic reward and stable damage to enemies at any distance with the ability to kill with a headshot – there is an option with and without a silencer, which are analogues of the M4 and AK.


For your Valorant boosting there is a sniper rifle, but unlike CS 2 in the project from Riot Games, all maps are built on a system of a large number of angles and short distances, which make it ineffective and even dangerous, taking into account enemy assault rifles and various skills capable of reconnaissance, kill from a distance, or block full view.


Also, don’t forget about shotguns, which will fit perfectly on many game maps, which have a low cost and good income for killing an enemy in close combat.

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Valorant has many agents who will perform reconnaissance, attack, defense, or destroy opponents by going behind the lines.


You can choose only one hero from those that have not yet been selected for this match by other players.


Each character will have permanent skills that are always available and special ones that can be purchased or obtained by completing a series of kills.




This is a full-fledged attacking hero who fully performs the role of a commander on the battlefield and has the skills to solve any situation on the game map.


You will be able to select three points on the game map, onto which smoke bombs will be dropped, which will greatly complicate the view of enemies, either in your defense or in attack.


You will be able to shoot a fire grenade that will set the ground on fire and damage all enemies that come into contact with it, which will stop, or at least slow down, the rush of your opponents.


You will be able to activate a buff in the form of a point, being at which your allies will receive an increased rate of fire and damage from any weapon.


The ultimate skill will be the ability to choose a point for an air strike, which is accompanied by a sonic scream that the enemy can dodge with a good reaction – remember this.




This is a hero who relies on speed and agility during battle and can create enormous chaos behind enemy lines, allowing him to often disrupt his plans and learn about plans to transfer forces, which greatly helps when boosting rank in Valorant.


You will be able to make quick dashes forward, or jump onto high covers, which other agents cannot do.


You will be able to release smoke from a long distance, which makes it much more difficult to detect you and determine the location of your attack.


The ultimate skill will be the ability to activate active throwing knives, of which there will be 5 pieces, and they can be thrown one at a time at enemies, causing them systemic damage and destroying them.




If you want to bring great benefit to the entire group, or feel supported, then Sage should be in your squad – this is the most versatile character with a large number of skills for a stable and cheap rank boost in Valorant.


You will be able to use an analogue of a fire grenade, but instead of a burning effect there will be freezing, which will greatly slow down the movement of opponents who come into contact with this territory.


The second skill will be the ability to install an ice wall that will block any passage that you need and enemies will need to destroy it, wasting resources, or bypass it, which will take more time.


You can use the health recovery sphere to fully restore the health of any character on your team.


As an ultimate ability, you can fully resurrect a fallen ally with full health.

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This hero is a full-fledged scout who uses a bow and a drone to explore the territory and cause damage to the enemy.


You will be able to load an arrow and release it into any area to obtain information about opponents, including secret ones.


You can load an arrow all the way and fire it straight at your opponent to deal heavy energy damage and kill them if they hit.


You will be able to launch the drone to see through its eyes and move around the map in search of enemies, marking them on the mini-map and for allies. The drone can be destroyed, and the hero himself is vulnerable at this time, and it is better to activate this skill from cover, or under the cover of allies.


Your main task will be to constantly collect information about enemies, especially when playing on the defensive, because if you can promptly learn about the opponents’ plans and the location of their attack, then you can manage to draw forces and repel the attack.



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