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Epic Games is in a Christmas mood, and they are giving out freebies as far as the eye can see.

To celebrate the holiday festivities, the Epic Games Store is running a Holiday Sale, as well as giving away Epic rewards.

Below you can view a compiled list of all free items that you can expect to find in the store right now.

Fallout 3- Free Game

Bethesda’s classic CRPG Fallout 3 is being given away for free, no strings attached.

The version being given away is the Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition, which includes all DLCs released for the game.

To redeem this title, simply go to its page in the Epic Games Store and press obtain, and you are now free to roam the world of Fallout 3.

Fall Guys – Giddy Gift Costume

Fall Guys players are entitled to a gift from Epic this year, with a free in-game costume.

The Giddy Gift is a full body costume that players can equip on their characters, to make them look extra Christmas-y when making it to the finish line.

The Giddy Gift addon can be acquired for free right here, and requires players to launch Fall Guys through the Epic Games Store.

Disney Speedstorm – Monochromatic Pack

Disney Speedstorm players are also entitled to a holiday gift, with the Monochromatic Pack.

The Monochromatic Pack includes a racing suit and kart livery for Goofy, Chip n’ Dale rare crew shards, and 5 universal box credits.

Players can grab the pack right here, but it’s only redeemable for those who own the base game.

Warframe – Atterax Booster Bundle

Warframe players are getting a great deal, receiving a free weapon and weapon slot, alongside credit and affinity boosters.

The Atterax is a bladed whip that deals a high amount of slash damage, featuring excellent range and crit chance.

Players can acquire the Atterax Booster Bundle by simply logging in to Warframe through the Epic Games launcher.

Honkai Impact 3rd – In-game Currency

Honkai Impact 3rd players are also included in the holiday celebrations, and can get some in-game currency for free.

Players are entitled to 500 Asterites and 100,000 Coins, which will certainly help you get ahead in this hack-and-slash gacha.

Honkai Impact 3rd players simply need to log in to the game through the Epic Games launcher, and they’ll receive their goodies in no time.

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms – Dark Justiciar Shadowheart Party Pack

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is having a fantastic collaboration event with Baldur’s Gate 3, and you can get some characters for free.

The Dark Justiciar Shadowheart Party Pack includes the first 3 Baldur’s Gate 3 Champions: Lae’zel, Shadowheart, and Astarion. Also included are 7 Gold Champion Chests for each and an exclusive skin.

Players can redeem this huge pack of content for free in the Epic Games Store.

Synced – Winterfest Bundle

Co-op shooter Synced has also received a bundle of free content to celebrate the holidays.

The Winterfest Bundle contains new runner and weapon skins, so you can tackle new challenges in style.

The Winterfest bundle for Synced can be found for free here, and requires the base game.

World of Warships – Giveaway Pack

World of Warships players are possibly getting the best gift of the season, with a massive pack of content.

The giant Frosty Celebration Pack includes:

  • Pan-Asian Premium cruiser Ning Hai: Set sail at her helm and explore the icy waters in style.
  • 5x Santa’s Gift containers: Unwrap these presents to unveil anything from a heap of resources to a Premium ship.
  • Epic patch: Represent the platform you play on with quite an “Epic” patch.
  • 15x special expendable economic bonuses of each type: Enjoy this powerful boon for your resources!
  • 10x Epic camos: Be epic by cloaking your ships in an EGS-themed camouflage.
  • 10x New Year Sky camos: Let this star-studded camouflage be your guiding light this holiday season.

The World of Warships Frosty Celebration Pack can be found right here, and requires the base game.

EVE Online – Superluminal Pack

Spreadsheet simulator EVE Online also has a free holiday pack, with some pretty stylish clothing

The Superluminal Pack contains:

  • Semiotique Superluminal SKINs for the Magnate, Heron, Imicus, and Probe
  • Men’s and Women’s ‘Semiotique Superluminal’ Shades
  • Men’s and Women’s ‘Semiotique Superluminal’ Jacket
  • Men’s and Women’s ‘Semiotique Superluminal’ Pants

The Superluminal pack can be found for free right here, and requires the base game.

Regardless if you were naughty or nice, the Epic Games store is willing to throw you a few holiday gifts. Most of them are only available until January 10, 2024, so you better hurry.

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