Alex Jones video game NWO Wars now on Steam

NWO Wars

The official Alex Jones video game NWO Wars has finally made its appearance on Steam, the most popular PC game platform.

NWO Wars has made its debut on Steam a little over a month since its reveal and debut, via its official website.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a teaser trailer for the game, with none other than Alex himself:


Save the world from the evil globalists’ plot to turn everyone into bug-eating pod-dwelling libtards!


  • JOIN ALEX AND HIS ALLIES – Every day the deep state sues, lies, defames, and KILLS law-abiding patriots who threaten their power!
  • DEFEAT BIG TECH CUCKS and MORE – And other anti-American communist bosses throughout this adrenaline-inducing adventure!
  • PLAY AS ALEX! – For the first time in history, experience the world through Infowars leader Alex Jones’ eyes and see the WAR he fights!
  • SAVE THE BABIES – It’s no secret the NWO REPTILES are after our children. Play NWO Wars now to help save these innocent victims from these MONSTERS!
  • THEY ARE TURNING THE FRIGGIN FROGS GAY! – Only Alex Jones can stop this madness and restore balance in the Brain Force

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