Alan Wake 2 Rock Rock Tree Cultist Cache Puzzle

Alan Wake 2 Rock Rock Tree Puzzle

Alan Wake 2‘s maps are dense with secrets and hidden collectibles, like the cultist caches, which always have a puzzle attached to them.

The puzzles are mostly straightforward, but some of them require you to really look around.

Players in the Cauldron Lake area during one of Saga’s sections of the game might encounter a peculiar cache with something written on top: “Rock Rock Tree Are You Bright Enough”.

There are dozens of rocks and trees near the cache, but just how do you solve this puzzle? Well, you have to be bright enough.

By shining your flashlight on nearby trees and rocks you will find the following simple math equations: 3+3, and 6+2.

If you want to solve the puzzle for yourself, this is where you should drop off.

So, 668? No, not really. It would make sense to think that the number on the nearby rock would simply repeat twice, but instead a third equation can be found in a nearby river. The last rock can be found south of the cache, inscribed with 7-2.

The solution to the puzzle is 658, and inside the cache you’ll find some healing items, a flare, and a throwable propane tank, as well as the satisfaction of cracking another case.

Alan Wake 2 is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows (through the Epic Games Store).



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