Alan Wake 2 – How to get the Crossbow

Alan Wake 2 Crossbow Alan Wake Crossbow

Players exploring the wooded parts of Watery in Alan Wake 2 will come across many cultist caches, some containing really good items.

One of the caches that players will come across when playing as Saga contains a crossbow, but of course it happens to be locked.

The message on top of the cultist cache reads: “Hey, If you take the crossbow out put it back in the stash when you’re done. PS: I changed the code (as asked).”

There is no paper with any sort of code written down next to the cache, but we can spot a shooting range with various numbers spread around.

If you still want to solve the puzzle for yourself, this is where you stop reading.

The solution for this one is quite simple, but requires players to have a good eye. There are multiple numbers with arrows stuck to them, which spell out the password. The first one, with a single arrow attached to it, is the number 5, while the next numbers, 2, and 7, have two and three arrows on them, respectively.

So, by going from one to three, you get the 527 password, which opens the padlock in the cultist cache. Keep in mind that you can actually pick those arrows up once you’re done with the puzzle, which gives you a nice head start when it comes to the weapon.

Alan Wake 2 is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows (through the Epic Games Store).



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