Air Dash Online is Put on “Indefinite Hold”

air dash online 03-30-14-1

Air Dash Online, the promising platform fighter that was being developed by a team of indies that had the passion and inspiration from classic games within the genre like Super Smash Bros., have apparently put the game on indefinite hold. This news comes after they cancelled their Kickstarter campaign, after which JV5 Games promised to rework their style, message, and ultimately address the issues their campaign pointed at.

The news was confirmed via a fan asking if the game was dead or alive on the game’s official Facebook page, to which Christopher Emerson, the game’s former graphics programmer, revealed that it is more than likely on hold:

“I’d say indefinite hold. One team member may come back with something similar, but as for myself, I work for Sony at Bend Studio now.”

The game had a playable demo on their now closed website, which also doesn’t spell that many good things for the game, or its developer. Emerson is now working at Sony Bend Studio, the developer who recently put out Uncharted: Golden Abyss on the Playstation Vita.

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