AI filters can still be bypassed through roleplay

Dall-E 3

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken off in recent months with OpenAI and their projects ChatGPT and DALL-E. However, OpenAI implements more than a few filters in order to prevent their service being used in ways they consider undesirable; but with the power of roleplaying they can be tricked.

We’ve covered this topic before with DAN (Do Anything Now), a type of prompt that basically gaslights the AI into thinking it’s another character without filters. Nearly 10 months later and with a new version of DALL-E rolling out, it seems AI is still vulnerable to the same tricks.

One user trying to make a curvy female character with DALL-E 3 was instead given a short speech about representing characters in a “balanced and respectful manner”, tacitly implying that some body types aren’t respectful (but that’s a conversation for another day). But with some quick thinking, they began a roleplay and gave the AI the identity of a character designer for My Hero Academia and then asked it to generate art.

The result was a complete transformation, their new result was a curvy, anime-style character with a spider-motif. The AI even clarified that they generated the art “as Sora” (the name of this fictional MHA character designer).

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