Aganos Plods onto Killer Instinct with a Primal New Trailer

The newest character trailer for Killer Instinct finally, properly acquaints us with Aganos, the ancient war golem.

The above video begins with narration by the Babylonian sorcerer, Kan-ra over shots of Aganos’ Mediterranean island stage—Kan-ra explains that the golem has been chasing him for millennia, at the behest of its old master—and then we’re plunged into combat that showcases the hulking construct’s impressive abilities (which we’ve discussed before, here).

Aganos will be available in Killer Instinct for Ultra Edition owners from February 27, and players who have the Combo Breaker will get him on March 5.

As has become customary, the end of the trailer also introduces us to the next fighter who will be entering the fray some weeks from now: a creepy Hell Girl-, The Ring-, and Ju-on-inspired fighter known only as Ghost Girl.

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