AFK Arena announces Re:Zero collaboration with Rem and Emilia

AFK Arena Re:Zero Event Thumbnail

Popular idle RPG game AFK Arena have announced a new collaboration event – this time they’re partnering with popular anime series Re:Zero.

The new collab brings Rem and Emilia to the game as playable characters for their 4th year anniversary.

As the game is similar to gacha titles, the characters are obtainable via rolling for summons using the AFK Arena’s premium currency.

This event also brings a new story which centers on the pair and their adventure in the world of Esperia.

As this is an anniversary event, Lilith Games have also released a pair of gift codes players can enter to redeem rewards.

  • Code #1: AFKRE0 (1000 diamonds, massive Gold, Hero EXP)
  • Code #2: LUCK2023 (10*stargazer scroll, 10*common hero scroll, 10*SP/Awaken Hero Scroll, and 3000 diamonds)

The game is no stranger to collaborations with other IPs, they even have a character based on YouTube star Markiplier.

AFK Arena is available for Android and iOS. The Re:Zero event begins April 11th.

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