AeternoBlade II dev accuses PQube of witholding payment, PQube disputes claims


Not long after Toge Productions accused PQube of “predatory practices”, AeternoBlade II dev Corecell Technology has published new allegations, which PQube has disputed.

While AeternoBlade II was released for consoles and PC a few years back, Corecell Technology claims PQube has witheld payment guaranteed at signing them as a publisher. They also claim PQube hasn’t returned publishing rights back to the developer, and that they purportedly agreed to return publishing rights back if the payment claims were kept secret.

“PQUBE […] agreed to pay a minimum guarantee to us,” reads the devs statement. “However, PQUBE only paid a small part of the minimum guarantee of the signing milestone by the time we sent them the game and they never paid the remaining milestones.”

PQube has issued a response to Corecell’s claims, pointing to the game’s “significant product quality issues” and that Corecell “agreed to provide critical fixes” in order to “make the game commercially viable.” Looking at the game’s original release, the reviews are generally negative.

The publisher then notes they agreed to pay the full guarantee for the game “despite the very poor reviews and sales” while then prepping to publish it for PC alongside their agreement. PQube then claims Corecell agreed to this, but then listed the PC version themselves without discussing this with PQube.

PQube then notes they despite “numerous proposals and supporting agreements to revert rights to Corecell” that were not acknowledged by the developer, PQube “released its rights to the console versions” back to Corecell “well before the end of the agreement term.”

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