Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Must Hit Slot Machines


  •       How does a must-hit slot machine work?

Must hit by progressives are machines that must pay the player when they hit a certain number. The closer they get to said number, the more likely they are to pay out.

  •       What are the odds of winning on a must-hit slot machine?

The probability of hitting the jackpot in must-hit-by progressive slot games is much higher than in regular slots. As the game suggests, players “must hit” by a certain number.

  •       What strategies can I use when playing a must-hit slot machine?

Must hit progressives work like typical progressive slots. Meaning the value rises whenever a player doesn’t hit the jackpot. A good strategy is to wager the minimum deposit amount until the jackpot reaches a certain value where it must pay.

  •       Do I need to bet the maximum amount to win a must-hit progressive jackpot?

Not at all. You can bet any amount you want, from the minimum required deposit to the maximum limit.

  •       What should I do if I win a must-hit jackpot on a slot machine?

Collect your cash and enjoy yourself.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Slots are the biggest trend in online and land-based gambling right now. Slot machines have always been prevalent. In any casino, you will find tens upon hundreds of machines creating their cacophonous noise.

The same is true for online gambling websites. Due to the lack of spatial restrictions, online casinos have an even more comprehensive range of slot machines. Gamblers can pick one of the thousands of games with different themes, genres, and jackpots.

And speaking of different jackpots, let’s discuss the popularity of the progressive jackpot. A recent trend in gambling, progressive slot machines are games in which the jackpot’s value increases whenever a player doesn’t win the grand prize.

However, technological developments ensure that the mobile gaming industry evolves much faster than before. And while progressive jackpots are known for their low odds, a new game offers much better odds and more compelling gameplay.

The Must-Hit-By Progressives

Must-hit-by progressives are a new form of progressive jackpot slots. As the name suggests, a must-hit-progressive is a progressive slot that pays out no matter what as long as the player reaches a specific value.

Mechanics-wise, the game is similar to progressive slots. Players spin the reel, hoping to score the jackpot. On a fail, the value of said jackpot increases. The difference is that the slot must pay when that value hits a specific number.

Certainly, we can understand why someone might want to play must-hit slot machines. The offer sounds enticing, the rules are player friendly, and the odds are much better than the regular progressive slots. However, the question is should you play these games?

In this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of must-hit-by slots and help you make a final decision about the game.

The Advantages of Must-Hit-By Slots

There are quite a few benefits of playing must-hit-by slots. We’ve already briefly mentioned some of them. However, in this section of the article, we will delve deeper into these games’ advantages. We are starting with one of the most important ones.

  •       Better Odds

Must-hit-by slots, obviously, offer better odds than regular progressive slots. The reason is simple. Must hit slots, must hit. Once you reach a certain number in the game, the slots payout no matter what. And the closer you get to the number, the more likely you will get a winning combination. So, the popularity of must-hit slots is justified when considering the odds.

  •       A Growing Jackpot

Must-hit-by progressives are still progressive slots. Meaning the jackpot becomes larger and larger. And the bigger the jackpot becomes, the more the player’s advantage grows. Not to mention, the promise of victory is always enticing.

  •       Excellent for long-term players

Long-term players have a larger bankroll that they can spread over several bets. The must-hit-by progressive is perfect for players like this. The more you bet and don’t win, the closer you get to the large sum of money that will serve as a refund. So, games like this are tailor-made for long-term players.

The Disadvantages of Must-Hit-By Slots

Of course, every game comes with certain problems. And must-hit-by slots are no different. In order to be ready of some of the problems that games might present you, we recommend checking out some trustworthy game reviews, many of which are dedicated entirely to online slots. But, let us look at the problems that you might face when playing must-hit-by progressives.

  •       Not Great for Short-term Players

The biggest problem of must-hit-by progressives is that they aren’t exactly tailor-made for short-term players. We talked about the benefits that long-term players have when playing this type of slot. However, the games may disappoint short-term gamblers who have a limited bankroll and can only spin the reel a couple of times.

Nothing is more devastating than risking your money and coming up with nothing in return. And often, short-term players might deal with these issues. So, if it were up to us, we would recommend long-term gamblers check out must-hit-by progressives, while short-term gamblers should look elsewhere for entertainment.

Should You Check Out Must-Hit Slots?

Must-hit slots are a relatively new trend in iGaming, and fairly fun. We recommend checking the games out, mainly if you are a long-term gambler or want to try long-term gambling for the first time.

With better odds and a sure-to-hit jackpot, these slots are an excellent starting point for those looking to delve into long-term gambling. On top of that, you can find relatively low minimum deposits at online casinos. Perfect for newbies. Our verdict would be to check out must-hit slots if what you’ve heard so far has piqued your interest.


We hope this article has helped you better understand what must-hit slots are and how they work. The new game trend is quickly catching on, and we hope more fans can hop aboard the bandwagon if they are so enticed.



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