Adam Jensen Returns in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided [UPDATE]

[UPDATE: Game Informer has confirmed their cover page for the month of May – and it’s Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The full reveal, with a CG trailer, is coming tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET. We’ve also embedded Game Informer’s trailer, below]

Thanks to Square (We don’t say that too often) and Eidos Montreal, the Deus Ex series was saved from Harvey “Witchboy” Smith’s horrible Invisible War sequel and brought back into the light with 2011’s well-received sequel Human Revolution. So assuredly saved, in fact, that according to Russian website Kanobu, a new sequel in the conspiracy-thriller’s series is ready to be revealed in Square’s Project CKP countdown.

Details, as you’d guess, are quite sparse, but what is mentioned piqued this Deus Ex fan’s interest quite a bit. The story will take you to multiple regions and countries, more specifically Prague in the Czech Republic, where Jensen has to clear things up with Victor Marchenko, an officer within the Augmented Rights Coalition.

Though there’s the usual assurance that enemy AI will improve, the real story lies with Jensen’s augmentations and the canonicity of the previous game’s story.

As far as Augs go, Adam is certainly going to risk making the Denton’s look outdated before they’re even created, since he is getting new powers that rival even their own. Gifted with the ability to remotely hack terminals makes it unlikely you’ll need to worry about scooting past soldiers to get to those pesky security turrets.

Just like in the previous game, players will be able to go between stealth or open-fire methods of play. The enemy AI has reportedly gotten an upgrade, and will give players more of a challenge. The enemy will travel in groups and upon finding something amiss, will call for their allies to come and help explore the incident.

Adam Jensen will be getting new augments, like the ability to see through smokescreens and be accurate when firing at his foes. You’ll also be able to scan for enemies for electronics and ammunition, as well as be able to hack turrets and computers from a distance, something akin to the hacking in Watch Dogs. Adam’s blade also gets an upgrade in the form of an alternative attack, enabling him to fire it from a crossbow.

Details on the game’s story are currently unknown, and saves from the previous game have no effect. The four endings of Human Revolution are non-canon, according to the website. Which means that certain characters in Human Revolution that died / could have been saved are replaced in Mankind Divided.

As for the storyline picking up from the previous game, it would seem that none of Human Revolution’s available endings will be considered canon for the sequel. Oddly, the leak seems to point to the game using an entirely new jumping off point. One that may mean NPCs that died in the previous game may return in this new installment. That’s probably better than Invisible War’s decision to combine every ending of the first Deus Ex into one giant “canonical” one.

We’ll keep you posted as more info becomes available.

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