Activision shuts down multiple Call of Duty fan projects

Call of Duty

In the past week, Activision has reportedly sent Cease & Desist letters to multiple Call of Duty fan projects.

These projects range in variety from mod-packs to custom server infrastructure. It’s difficult to determine what prompted Activision to take action, and why now after all this time? Activision has yet to explain why action was taken all of the sudden, especially since these projects generally still require a valid copy of the game to work.

Worse still, is that at least one of the affected projects: the BOiii client for Call of Duty: Black Ops III was released to address problems Activision wasn’t; namely cheaters and hackers. According to the client developer Maurice Heumann, the game is vulnerable to hackers who can get your IP address and allegedly cause problems on your machine when in a lobby with them.

The BOiii client was an attempt to protect players of Black Ops III which despite being an 8 year old game, attracts roughly 10,000 players every day on Steam alone.



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