Action MMORPG Elyon Launches December 10 in Korea, Later in North America and Europe

Kakao Games and Krafton have announced the Korean release date for action MMORPG Elyon, along with releasing a new gameplay trailer.

The press release (via email) states the game will launch December 10th in Korea, while the North American and European release dates will be announced at a later time. While platforms were not mentioned, a Windows PC release is likely.

The game’s new gameplay trailer was revealed during an “Elyon Media Showcase,” with producer Kim Hyung-joon highlighting the game’s features. These include in-depth character customization via skills, allowing for every character to fight differently.

In addition, the game will have Guild-driven conflicts between players; all falling under the Ontari or Vulpin factions. Players will fight in all-out wars for control of the Elyon portal.

The portal will be created via Arcana, the essence of the Sefiroth tree. While the ark Inventus was set to unlock this portal, it was halted by magical machines dubbed the Dark Apostles.

You can find the new gameplay trailer and screenshots below.


The game’s publisher, Kakao Games, will be handling the game’s service in North America and Europe, and are best known for Black Desert Online. Developer Krafton, formerly known as Bluehole Studio, are also known for TERA and PUBG. 

You can find the full rundown (via the official website) below.

A great ark, the Inventus, embarked on a journey towards the  paradise of Elyon, but its voyage was halted by the mysterious mechanical beings known only as the Dark Apostles.
You, a renowned adventurer, are entrusted with the safekeeping of Arcana, the essence of the Sefiroth tree that will unlock a portal to a new world. A potential paradise if you choose to make it so…

Elyon is a new MMORPG from the creators of TERA and PUBG. Set in a world of magical technology and unlimited potential, Elyon has its players compete in fierce faction wars, take on challenging group combat, and features advanced character build options.
In Elyon, no two characters will be the same as players navigate a world full of discovery and uncover the lore behind a mystical world.

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