Ace Combat 7 Happens a Decade After Ace Combat 5


Bandai Namco recently shared a new trailer for Ace Combat 7 alongside confirming the game for a global 2017 release.

Now, we’ve gotten some new information for the game in this week’s Famitsu (via Hachima). The news comes via an interview with game producer Kazutoki Kono and development producer Masashi Koyanagi. We’ve compiled the snippets below.

The story takes place a decade after the events of Ace Combat 5, with some elements from both the fourth and fifth games in there to please fans – however newcomers will be able to enjoy it as well.

The game was originally going to get a “light” PlayStation VR mode, however this has quickly grown out of proportions and now both the non-VR game and the VR-enabled game are being developed as two separate entities.

While the previous two focused on a young man and traveling, the new game has many protagonists. Bandai Namco has said the game will be visually similar to Ace Combat 5, however it will have some flavors of the fourth game as well. Comparison is a frequent theme in the game.

The F-104 will make a big show in the game, and have a big role in the story. You’ll also get to see manned aircraft vs. drones, veteran pilots, and more as key themes. The story will reportedly explain things like areas that were featured in previous games.

Finally, Aya Tamaki (Summer Lesson co-producer) is overseeing the game as an assistant producer.

Ace Combat 7 is currently in development for PlayStation 4, with its production roughly 50% complete.



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