Rumor: A24 now has license to Halloween movie franchise


The entertainment company and film producer A24 reportedly has acquired the license to produce films based on the Halloween franchise.

The Halloween franchise was created by John Carpenter and Debra Hill in 1978. The franchise tried to be more of a series of disjointed movies set around Halloween but fans latched onto now iconic slasher Michael Myers who has defined the franchise since.

For those unfamiliar, Michael Myers is the original “evil” slasher. After first appearing in 1978 he’s become a horror icon and has featured in multiple sequels. So many, that there’s literally three different timelines.

Halloween Timeline

Source: Wikipedia

Most recently, Myers has reappeared in the recent films Halloween (2018), Halloween Kills, and Halloween Ends which make up what’s considered the canon timeline of events.

The fate of the franchise has been left in limbo, with Halloween Ends marking the end of the story many of the franchise’s mainstays wanted to tell. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie Strode) confirmed she was done with her role following Ends.

The franchise rights are owned by Malek Akkad, the son of Moustapha Akkad who helped bankroll the production of the 1978 original film.

Producer A24 is known for releasing more experimental horror films such as the 2019 cult flick Midsommar, the historical satanic horror of The Witch, and of course the dark and nihilistic terror of Hereditary which you can check out our review for here.

The rumors of the Halloween license transferring to A24 are unconfirmed at the time, but it’s been reported by multiple blogs and Twitter users dedicated to horror films and their production.

It’s unclear what A24’s intentions for the franchise could be, with the conclusion of Laurie Strode’s story in Halloween Ends the most we can do is speculate. However there are some ideas floating around Hollywood, for instance Blumhouse founder Jason Blum had an interest in continuing the franchise.




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