A New Wild Arms Game is Already Underway, but Still Not Ready Yet

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This past week saw an interesting column in the regular Famitsu magazine, one where fans of various Japanese made series could vote on what sequels they wanted to see the most.

Naturally, Final Fantasy took the number one spot in the tallies, but the usually overlooked Wild Arms series came in second place, proving that fans are still clamoring for the series to return to form.

This struck a cord so much so that one of the main designers and scenario writers on the series, Akifumi Kaneko, took to writing up a short blog that would hopefully appease the fans of the series. Here’s what he posted:

I managed to read this week’s Famitsu.

It really makes me swell with pride to hear that there are still fans out there who will always be hoping for a new game in the series.

The results of this week’s special column are all thanks to you, the fans, who diligently submitted your votes.

I wanted to point out that it’s been six years and eight months since the release of the last game in the series, Wild Arms XF. Since then, I’ve been quietly working on something new with Nishijima (Taku Nishijima) and Motomura (Kentaro), who are two friends of mine from Sony Computer Entertainment, to whom I’m very thankful.

While we were able to see excellent fan feedback this time (from the Famitsu poll), this is just the beginning of our new work. We haven’t even gotten that far from the starting point, and the conclusion is a bit further ahead.

For now, please continue supporting us and our work with your “Arc Impulse” support.

Thank you!

Wild Arms XF released back in August of 2007 for Japan, and later in 2008 for both North America and Europe. While the game got middling reviews from critics, it seemed to still please fans of the series.

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