A Multitude of Female Japanese Creators Pledge Support to Rejection of UN Claims

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We previously reported on the response from the representative of the Japanese wing of the Women’s Institute Of Contemporary Media Culture, regarding the UN discussion on the banning of games and animation that depict sexual violence towards women.

Now, the organization has published an official English translation of their response, which you can read here.

They’ve also added a lengthy list of female supporters of their response, which continues to be updated with names.

The list of supporters ranges from yaoi manga artists to University professors.

The supporters on the list (as of right now) are as follows:

  • Professor Yukari Fujimoto (Professor, Meiji University)
  • Ms. Izumi Mito / Raika Kobayashi (corepresentative of the Women’s Institute of Contemporary Media Culture, BL novelist, manga writer)
  • Ms. Icco Sasai (illustrator, director of Uguisu Eibbon Campaign)
  • Ms. Akiko Hori (manga researcher, general incorporated association representative)
  • Ms. Mikiko Sakuma (former librarian of the Shizuoka City Library, director of Uguisu Eibbon Campaign)
  • Ms. Teiko Sasaki (novelist)
  • Professo Yoko Shida (Professor of law, College of Art and Design, Musashino Art University)
  • Ms. Barbara Katagiri (BL novelist)
  • Ms. Shoko Yoshiduki (Representative of the Kansai Association for Rethinking Restrictions on
  • Freedom of Expression, BL novelist)
  • Ms. Izumi Katsura (BL novelist)
  • Ms. Minami Ohsaka (manga artist)
  • Ms. Hinako Takanaga (manga artist)
  • Aya Kaida (novelist)
  • Harumo Kuibira (BL novelist)
  • Akeo Sakai (BL novelist)
  • Haruhi Sakiya (novelist)
  • Kei Shinomiya (BL novelist)
  • Eri Shibata (artist, writer)
  • Ichika Takahara (BL novelist)
  • Ikuya Fuyuno (BL manga artist)
  • Yayoi Umino (manga artist)
  • Tatsuru Kouji (BL manga artist)
  • Sonoko Sakuragawa (BL manga artist)
  • Ami Suzuki (BL novelist)
  • Sera (BL manga artist)
  • Natsuki Matsui (author)
  • Korumono Migiwa (novelist)
  • Natsuko Mori (novelist)
  • Rokudenashiko (manga artist, sculptor)
  • Yumiko Watanabe (anime journalist)

The website goes on to say that they will continue to add more names of those who support their memorandum.



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