A Look Back at the Classics: Which Games Hold Up?

The modern gaming industry is incredibly popular. In fact, gaming has become a major player in the entertainment industry—so much so that it’s hard to remember a time with gaming wasn’t mainstream. But any pre-Y2K gamers likely remember what it was like to line up for major console and game releases after months of following the hype from game magazines.

Today, things have changed manifold. Gaming has evolved across different platforms. From mobile to VR, gaming is wildly accessible and incredibly immersive. But that doesn’t mean that every new release fully harnesses technology and innovation to create the next Big Thing. In fact, the proliferation of the gaming market has led to quite a few duds and imposters.

While it might surprise some gamers, there are dozens of releases from before the year 2000 that are still highly playable. Despite emerging toward the start of the gaming movement, these classics and retro games have stood the test of time. If you’re looking to diversify your roster of favorites, then consider exploring classic hits from the past. We’ve collected some of the best for you right here.

Hits from Antiquity: Casino Games

Over the last two decades, the casino industry has moved into the virtual space. Though brick-and-mortar casinos still dot the globe, most gamers today stick to fully digital platforms. That might mask the fact that, in reality, hits like roulette and blackjack have been around for centuries. And there’s a good reason they’re still popular with players.

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Arcade Classics: Space Invaders, Tetris, & Pac-Man

The arcade era stretched from the 1970s through the 80s, producing plenty of landmark hits. Two of the most playable games from this period haven’t changed despite years of popularity, including Pac-Man (1980), Space Invaders (1978), and Tetris (1985). However, many younger gamers haven’t tried out these titles, labeling them as antiquated and repetitive.

But there’s a good reason that all three have stood the test of time thanks to mobile, PC, and even console releases. The premise and gameplay are straightforward and simple—but that doesn’t mean they won’t captivate you for hours.

Nintendo Hits: Donkey Kong Country & Mario Kart

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Nintendo. During the arcade era and into the at-home console era, the Japanese developer paved the way for later hits. In fact, Nintendo is gearing up to do the same with its upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 release.

If you’ve been wondering how to explore the world of Nintendo and where to get started, then why not kick off with two of its earliest cult hits? Donkey Kong Country (1994) is a platform adventure game with levels you’ll recognize from pop culture references. Mario Kart needs no introduction—though it’s worth pointing out that there are now multiplayer mobile apps that let you play with friends.

Influencer Status: Super Street Fighter 2 & DOOM

We’re rounding off with two of the most influential games released in the 1990s. Though the Street Fighter franchise is incredibly well-known, it was on its deathbed in the early 90s following a subpar original arcade release. However, Street Fighter 2 turned out to be a hit that steered subsequent fighter games. It introduced things like combos and fighter rosters.

DOOM, on the other hand, transformed the horror and FPS genres. Other games like Wolfenstein and Half-Life were doing similar things to the horror-FPS genre—but DOOM had the distinction of including a bad-ass heavy metal soundtrack, adding new levels of terrifying ambiance.



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