A Light in Chorus: A Beautiful mix of Music and Lights

[vimeo 86363599 w=600 h=300]

A Light in Chorus is an exploration game set in a world made entirely of particles.

The developers Elliot Johnson and Matthew Warshaw say the game will be more geared towards mood and feel rather than a winstate (A way to win the game).

a light in chorus 04-20-14-1

You will play as a ball of glowing points. The key to the game is to move around the world adopting the shapes of things around you.

As you go, hidden landscapes start to illuminate revealing shadowy fragments of a much larger mystery.

a light in chorus 04-20-14-3

This is the sphere you will be controlling

The videos and screenshots are absolutely beautiful.

A Light in Chorus looks like it is going to be a masterpiece and a true piece of art.

a light in chorus 04-20-14-2

Check the game out and a bunch of awesome and “fun” videos on the official website.


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