A Hat in Time Gets a Switch Port, Seal the Deal Expansion and Co-op Announced for PC

Gears For Breakfast has confirmed a Nintendo Switch port for A Hat in Time alongside new content for the game.

The developer shared the above trailer detailing all the new content, which we’ve compiled below:

  • New Chapter – The Arctic Cruise. Players control Hat Kid on a cruise ship, and help out hapless seals by handing out drinks and fresh towels for guests.
  • New Mode – Death Wish. The Snatcher seems to appear in Hat Kid’s room. This may indicate the new mode is toggled on and off, or is its own set of missions. These missions seem to be harder versions of existing ones, such as boss battles.
  • With what may be part of Death Wish- The Snatcher also offers challenges that the player can complete for new hats.
  • 6 New Time Rifts.
  • New Flairs, Dyes, Outfits, Badges, and Camera Filters. One of the new Badges (the Nostalgia Badge) makes everything look like early 3D graphics (roughly N64 era).
  • Split-Screen Co-Op that a friend can join in “for the entire adventure”.
  • The game will be “Coming Soon” to Nintendo Switch.

Both Seal the Deal and the Co-Op DLC will launch on PC on September 13th. While the Co-Op DLC is free, Seal the Deal is $4.99. However, Seal the Deal will be free for 24 hours on release, and permanently free to Kickstarter backers.

A Hat in Time is out now on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and XBox One. The game is Coming Soon to the Switch.

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