New Trailer for Dead By Daylight’s Ringu DLC Sadako Rising

Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive has released a new teaser giving us a first look at the upcoming Ringu crossover DLC: Sadako Rising.

In the new trailer we get a first look at Sadako’s model, as well as some hints about the character’s powers as a killer. These powers seem to include phasing in and out of site, and using television sets scattered across the map to travel (similar to Freddy Krueger’s ability to travel to generators).

The trailer also reveals a new survivor, Yoichi Asakawa. Yoichi is a character from the original 1998 film Ringu. Yoichi is the nephew of Reiko Asakawa, a journalist who was investigating the legend of the cursed tape after the death of her daughter Tomoko.

Yoichi however, was a sensitive young child with a developed sixth sense and was told by the spirit of his cousin to watch the cursed tape. After learning that the only way to survive Sadako’s wrath was to copy the tape and show it to someone else, Reiko saves Yoichi’s life by convincing the young boy to show the video to his grandfather.

Of course the Yoichi is present in Dead By Daylight is an older version of the young boy from the film that barely escaped Sadako with his life.

As always, the new chapter will also bring in three new perks for both Survivor and Killers that are inherent to each character.

Sadako is a staple of the Japanese horror genre and one of its most recognizable figures next to Kayoko from The Grudge. Behaviour makes it clear in the trailer that their new chapter is based off the “original story”, decisively basing the DLC off the original Japanese version and seemingly avoiding any relation to 2001’s The Ring.

Dead By Daylight: Sadako Rising will release on March 8th and is available to play now on the game’s Public Test Build (PTB).


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