$80 Gal Gun: Double Peace DLC Lets You See Through Girls’ Clothes

Init Creates has detailed their DLC plans for Gal Gun: Double Peace over on the game’s official website.

While it includes the standard costume and theme packs, they’ve also added some peculiar items. Featured above, you can view a gameplay video which shows the new DLC items in action.

First up is the “Angel’s Chopping Board” item which costs 1,000 yen (about $8.21 USD) and shrinks the chests of all the girls in the game.


Next is the “Devil’s Steamed Bun” which does the exact opposite, it increases the chest size of all the girls in game and costs the same as previous item.


The big surprise though is a special DLC item called “Pheromone Z” which is an upgraded version of an item you can get in game. This item allows you to completely see through the girl’s clothes when zoomed in during game play. The best part though is the price which comes in at a whopping 10,000 yen, that’s about $82 in USD!


Gal Gun: Double Peace is also coming west on both Playstation 4 and PS Vita, although a release date hasn’t been confirmed.



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