8-Bit Bayonetta Released for PC, Countdown Teaser Suggests New Reveal

Sega has released 8-Bit Bayonetta for PC via Steam.

This is the same game as the hidden game they put on their 404 page over on their official website, which you can read more about here.

It’s currently April Fool’s Day right now in Japan, and while many developers are having their fun crushing the hopes of their fans, there appears to be a hidden message within this elaborate scheme.

If you match up the thumbnails from both the “In the Face” and “High Score” Steam achievements from the game, you’ll get the following hyperlink: sega.com/14111219. This link opens a new countdown teaser that hasn’t launched yet.

The numbers in that URL are actually Bayonetta’s own birthday, December 19, 1411.

This could all just be an elaborate tease to mess with fans, however, it could also be suggesting a PC release for Bayonetta. We’ll keep you guys posted.



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