8-4 to Handle Localizing NieR: Automata [UPDATE]

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We’ve gotten clarification from Square Enix regarding the game’s localization. You can read more about that here.


Square Enix and Platinum Games’ upcoming action RPG, NieR: Automata, has typically seen fans gushing over its presentation, combat, and of course – its extraordinary themes courtesy of creator Taro Yoko.

However, some fans have been cautiously optimistic about the games localization, as previous games pioneered by Yoko-san have seen English adaptations for western audiences rife with changes and cut content. Now, we have confirmation 8-4 is handling the game’s localization, via Metro:

“As for localisation, the team working on it is called 8-4.They actually changed a lot from the original script to fit the different regions,” said NieR: Automata director Taro Yoko. 8-4 is known for localizing games such as the original NieRDrakengard 3, and Azure Striker Gunvolt, with the former having more adult dialogue cut, and the latter seeing its English release having lots of dialogue cut, or random pronouns thrown in.

“That’s because there’s a lot of concepts or ideas that only really the Japanese audience would understand. And so the localisation team really went in and made it so that the English native speakers will really enjoy the game.”

“So it’s a little bit different from the original Japanese game, but it was really created in a way so that the players from the different regions will have fun. There’s people in that company that really love the world we’ve created, and that is why they have really taken care in creating this localisation.”

What could this mean for the game’s English release? Unfortunately, we probably won’t know how much content has been altered or cut until the game ships next year.

How do you guys feel about a game being altered for non-Japanese audiences? Sound off in the comments below!

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