79-Year Old Chinese Actor/Male Model Belongs in a Tekken Game

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China Fashion Week took place towards the end of last month, but something, or someone rather interesting has clearly eclipsed anything else to come out of the fashion show.

Featured above, actor and male model Wang Deshun, was featured in the showcase that was created by the eccentric designer Sheguang Hu. While Hu was mostly featuring female models in his 2015/2016 Autumn and winter collection, Deshun came out and promptly stole the show.

tekken 04-23-15-2

You could even say that he could fit right into a live-action Tekken movie, as the fighter Wang. Coincidence?

The 79-year old is also an actor who has seen roles in many Chinese films, some of which include Detective Dee: Mystery of the Phantom Flame, and The Forbidden Kingdom, so he naturally must keep in very good shape to still have an active career.

To explain why all the women are wearing somewhat bizarre outfits – the collection shown was meant to reflect a red and green floral pattern seen throughout China in the 1980s. So what do you guys think – is it nice to see actors/models like this which break the norm? Could Deshun fit right into a Tekken game, or movie?

Sources: The Shanghaiist, Stef Stivala


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