60 gigabytes of Team Fortress 2 assets leaked

Team Fortress 2

Despite having a beloved and dedicated fanbase, Team Fortress 2 has been neglected by Valve, kept on life support by fan events as the company leaves it behind.

The community considers the Jungle Inferno update from 2017 to be the last major patch added to the game, aside from the yearly Halloween patches.

So Team Fortress 2 fans were quite surprised when 2023’s biggest content drop was a 60 gigabyte leak coming from Valve’s source developer repository.

The gargantuan leak includes unused weapons, models, maps and even older versions of current weapons.

Team Fortress 2 fans are currently sifting through the game’s files and found quite a few interesting assets, like the 3d model for the Casters Quarterly witch:

Twitter user Richter Overtime is currently serving as the people’s eyes when it comes to the leaked files, as the contents of the leak haven’t been widely spread around yet.

For context, Valve hasn’t seen a leak this big since 2003, when Half Life 2 was leaked due to a server breach caused by a German hacker.

This doesn’t mean that Valve hasn’t had to deal with leaks since 2003, as in 2020 the source code for Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive both leaked.

An early prototype of Left 4 Dead also leaked earlier this week, the map is called Zombie_City and is currently hosted on GameBanana for anyone interested in playing it:

User Wolfcl0ck, who is currently hosting the Left 4 Dead prototype on GameBanana, also teased the leak on Twitter, hours before it was dumped.

The thread in question was about Duke Nukem Forever leaks, which we talked about in our article about x0r_jmp, but Wolfcl0ck responded with a Left 4 Dead picture of Coach when people inquired about what the “The Big One” would be.

This implies knowledge that the leak was Valve-related. The user does state that they aren’t involved in the leak, despite knowing of its existence, but it’s up for Valve’s legal team to decide who’s guilty for this breach.

Valve is notorious for scrapping content in the case that it’s leaked, as shown by the 2003 Half Life 2 incident that changed the game completely, so it’s safe to say that any unused content in the leak will remain unused.

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