6 Lesser-Known Games That Will Surprise You

There are some games that are simply a smashing success. Whether it’s because of the developers behind them or because they’re a title with a rich legacy, these games enjoy amazing sales, breaking record after record. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t other lesser-known video games that also deserve a mention. In this article, we review six of the most notable ones that haven’t reached the same sales figures as the former.




This realistic RPG takes players back to the 16th century and immerses them within a domain rife with conflict, myths and even plagues. Anyone who is already a fan of the Witcher gaming franchise should find Greedfall appealing from an MMORPG standpoint.


Wasteland 2


Wasteland 2 is a turn-based strategy game that involves just as much planning as it does following a complicated storyline full of twists and turns. Offering top-down gameplay alongside traditional resource farming and unpredictable outcomes, this sequel is a perfect compliment to the original Wasteland.


Bejeweled 2


Let’s roll the clocks back for this next recommendation. Bejeweled 2 first emerged during the early 2000s and it has developed a cult following ever since. In fact, many fans consider Bejeweled 2 to represent the “grandfather” of the entire match-3 franchise. The good news is that users can still access browser-based versions and there are plenty of variants available for mobile devices.




Are you a die-hard fan of Diablo Immortal? Have you grown tired with the multi-gigabyte updates or are you looking for the same sense of adventure without the need for an Internet connection? If so, Eternium represents the next best thing. Not only is this game free to download, but many of the hack-and-slash mechanics are nearly identical to those found within Diablo. As less than a gigabyte of memory is required. Eternium is also a great option for older operating systems.


Street Fighter II The World Warrior


This is one of the available casino games at JackpotCity casino, dedicated to one of the most famous gaming franchises in the world. It is a bit of an unknown in the gaming community, but it offers exciting gameplay for those fans of the franchise and slots games. The game uses retro graphics, sounds and compelling arcade-style action really close to the original game experience, thus, having a nostalgic feeling for the players. Will you ‘Hadouken’ the game on your way to the win?


Merge Dragons


Why not instead take a break from the action and create a domain of your own? Merge Dragons is a fun little game that combines the world-shaping elements of Minecraft with a slightly anime theme. As this is also a casual idle platform, it can represent a great way to relax after a long day. Merge Dragons is available for both Android and iOS devices.


If you have been looking for a bit of change, these six titles will not disappoint. It always pay to think slightly outside of the box!



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