5pb. and Mages to Develop New Visual Novel, Anonymous;Code [UPDATE]

As if the news of a Steins;Gate sequel and a video game adaptation of Occultic;Nine weren’t enough, Chiyomaru Shikura has announced that Mages will also be developing another visual novel, named Anonymous;Code. Watch the teaser video for the game above.

Anonymous;Code takes place in the future, in 2037, and will focus on the theme of “hacking”. The game will be rather meta, featuring a hacker protagonist who is able to “save” and “load” his life, an ability which mirrors the core mechanics of visual novels.

The first character art for the VN is featured below.

Anonymous;Code will be the fifth title in the Science Adventure visual novel series.

We’ll keep you updated.

(Thanks, Games Talk, Famitsu.)

[Editor’s note: this article has been edited and updated since publication.]

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