5-Year Old Manages to Expose Xbox Live Security Vulnerability

xbox one security 04-05-14-1

What did you accomplish when you were five years old? If you happened to say ‘discover a major security vulnerability in a multi-million dollar digital content distribution and connectivity network,’ then you have something in common Kristoffer Von Hassel, who managed to circumvent his father’s Xbox Live account, via their Xbox One.

The news comes via a report from 10News, who interviewed both the boy and his father, and got the firsthand account on how gifted the young bog truly is. What motivated Kristoffer to try hacking into his father’s Xbox Live account? Why, so that he could play restricted video games.

The vulnerability has since been plugged up, but it happened as such: Kristoffer would purposely put an incorrect password into his father’s Xbox Live account, which later took him to a verification screen. Then, he would proceed to do the “space button” trick, and voila! He would be able to sign on, and gain full access to all of the games his father would play.

After his parents found out that he was sneaking and playing restricted games, they both contacted Microsoft and reported the security flaw, after which Microsoft rewarded Kristoffer and credited him in the latest patch notes as a security researcher. He was also rewarded with $50, and an extra year membership for Xbox Live Gold.

According to Kristoffer’s father, this isn’t the first time he’s found a security vulnerability in a system, network, or device. Apparently, this is the third or fourth time that the young boy managed to find a security threat in a network. If you want to see the full interview, head to the original 10News report.



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