Five Legendary and Remembered Video Game Songs

The experience we have in video games is due to a visual complement between the graphics, the design, the characters, and the functions, which create an atmosphere that allows us to live and enjoy the game as a reality. However, sometimes people forget a special part that helps the visual content to create a complete experience: the music.

Experts who have a Professional Master’s Degree in Video Game Production argue music is an essential element because it transmits emotions, fun, and even an identity that goes beyond the visual. Such is its impact that video game music is already considered a musical genre and an artistic expression.

Developers with big budgets include great composers and symphony orchestras in their creation to reach the goal of the story in tune with the gameplay and narrative. When a game has a good soundtrack choice, it will potentiate the interactive experience in the game, but on the contrary, if it has a poor soundtrack choice, errors in sound composition, and timing it will turn a great game into a mediocre one.

In general, music always goes with us to many unforgettable moments in our lives and we experience different feelings. And why not? The music of video games evokes endless sensations and helps us to live special moments with our characters while we were in control, and at a specific moment in time, you must have played a video game that is now in your memory, and you can remember it with nostalgia by listening to the music and the sounds of it.

If you do not believe it, here you have five of the best classic and timeless video game songs that still are in the memory of many of us.

Level 1-1 theme, Super Mario Bros

This song was created by Koji Kondo in the first phase of the first world of the emblematic game Super Mario Bros. It is remembered for being fun and carefree, converting it into a complete hymn in video game history.

Overworld, The Legend of Zelda

The main theme of this game was also created by Koji Kondo; It has gained presence and success in each sequel, merging itself as part of the saga’s identity. This is a masterpiece evocative of the purest concept of fantasy, magical kingdoms, princesses, and beasts.

A-Type, Tetris

This theme was created by Hirokazu Tanaka and was inspired on the poem “Korobeiniki” and is known as a nineteenth-century Russian folk song that tells the story of a meeting between a peddler and a girl. Now, it is one of the most popular video game songs in the world.

Green Hills, Sonic the Hedgehog

It was created by Masato Nakamura. He was looking to create a less simplified sonority; however, it was a challenge because he had four sounds with whom to work at the same time. Listening to it nowadays is going back to the times of the 16-bit beast of SEGA.

Fire Red and Leaf Green Version Theme, Pokémon

Without any doubt, Pokémon and Pikachu are the perfect examples of nostalgia. Junichi Masuda created this energetic, fast, and dynamic song that was composed using orchestral instruments, not a synthesizer. A great challenge, but one that is still in the memory of those who played it in the nineties.

Perhaps, this list made you remember the plots and stories of these games just by remembering the music in your head, and it is due to the immersive experience and the effective atmosphere created over time. Finally, we know that there are many epic soundtracks from different games, but the list would be endless, and at this moment, you may have several in mind that could add to this top list.


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