2D beat ’em up Robo Frenzy gets a playable demo

Robo Frenzy

2D beat ’em up Robo Frenzy is giving everyone a taste of its Tokyo Game Show demo.

Robo Frenzy has no release date yet, and will be available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam). The game’s demo will only be available from now until October 2, 2023.

You can view the announcement and trailer below:

YummyYummyTummy is thrilled to announce that our Tokyo Game Show demo for Robo Frenzy is now available for everyone to play in the comfort of their home! Dive into the world of sandbox boss battles, craft your own weapons, and face off against giant robots inspired by your favorite everyday electronics. This limited-time demo is available for download on Steam from today until October 2.

In Robo Frenzy, the world of Omniland is under threat! Once a model city where colossal gadgets cared for its citizens, a spilled cup of coffee on the server has turned these mammoth machines rogue. Now, it’s up to you to craft weapons, build machines, and defend your town from these enraged electronics!

Key Features

  • CRAFT WEAPONS: Process materials on the battlefield to craft weapons fit for fending off a crank computer or a titan-sized typewriter.
  • CONNECT FACTORIES: Link weapon producing factories together to create a variety of weapons to fight your way. Robo Frenzy has a hack and slash combat system teeming with tactical depth.
  • CONSTRUCT MACHINES: Build giant hands, bouncy bumpers to repel enemies and cannons powered by physics! Combine them with your crafted weapons for endless battle strategies.
  • BUILD YOUR TOWN: Return to Omniland with new materials after each victory. Customize your hub world and solve puzzles to unlock advanced weaponry.
  • CO-OP PLAY: Whether you’re going solo or teaming up with a friend, take on grumpy game consoles and restore peace to Omniland.
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