2D ARPG CrossCode Hits Full Release on September 20

Radical Fish Games has announced the full release date for their indie 2D action RPG, CrossCode.

The game will leave Steam Early Access on September 20th. Here’s a rundown on what to expect with the full release:

  • The complete main story with at least twice the amount of cutscenes
  • Awesome and dramatic plot moments™
  • A complete new area + dungeon + several extensions in existing areas
  • Rhombus Square – the largest city of the game
  • New party members!
  • Over 9 new enemy types + more variations
  • Over 13 new boss fight and other major battles
  • About 12 new quests
  • Several menu improvements and QoL additions
  • A complete German translation
  • Countless other small improvements/changes
  • Other features that we still hope to finish but are not 100% certain yet:
    • Steam Achievements
    • Steam Trading Cards

After the big 1.0 release, there’s lots of other features planned for the game, including:

  • New Game+ mode that allows you to restart the game in a special manner (details still open)
  • Several additional NPCs, quests, and enemies that we promised to our Indiegogo backers
  • The Last Minute Hero Guild that (ironically) we decided not to implement in the last minute.
  • More maps for Rhombus Square and a few more quests that didn’t quite make it for version 1.0
  • The Arena in Rhombus Square! The least you can expect is a boss rush mode among other things!

Lastly, it’s worth reiterating a PlayStation 4 version of CrossCode is planned, however it has no release date yet.

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