XCOM-Inspired Tactical RPG Zodiac Legion Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Zodiac Legion

Studio Draconis have revealed the gameplay of XCOM-inspired Zodiac Legion during the Guerrilla Collective livestream.

The turn-based tactical RPG features squad management with knights, swords, and sorcery. Restore an astrology-based knightly brotherhood- the Zodiac Order- and use a deft balance of dimplomacy and training to make your magical warriors a force to be reckoned with; against the forces of enemy sorcerers.

Inspirations from XCOM aside, players need not fear the death of their characters though difficult challenge. Players may engage in some necromancy so that even in death, their knights serve.

You can find the gameplay reveal trailer below.


You can find the full rundown (via Steam) below.

Zodiac Legion is a turn-based tactical RPG featuring lethal combat, squad management and strategic elements. Lead your heroes through daring raids and forgotten ruins, defend your land in a time of conquest and betrayal, and master the secrets of volatile ancient magic to restore a realm beset by the armies of undying fiendish sorcerers.


  • Lead your knights in turn-based tactical battles.
  • Explore ancient ruins and places of power, thwart the plans of enemy lieutenants, forge alliances, and restore the Zodiac Order.
  • Smash your way through fully destructible dungeons.
  • Expand and strengthen your stronghold, research new spells and craft powerful artifacts.
  • Reshape the terrain to your advantage.
  • develop Your Warriors into Mighty Champions.


As the Grandmaster of the Zodiac Order, it will be your duty to restore this knightly brotherhood and rally its champions under the banners of the thirteen Zodiac signs. You will manage your domain, take important diplomatic decisions and train your warriors in the arcane arts. Enemy armies will invade your borders, forcing you to dispatch your knights on missions resolved through turn-based, tactical battles. Their superhuman powers will tip the scales in the face of overwhelming odds, but beware: many will not survive the ordeal. Yet exploring the secrets of necromancy may reveal that a Zodiac Knight’s duty need not end in death.


The work on Zodiac Legion began because we shared the vision of a game that would combine the tactical combat and strategic campaign of X-COM, with the fantasy aspects and dungeon crawling typical of most roleplaying games.


We decided to use the theme of the Zodiac because of its association with classical mythology, and due to its ties with distinct character archetypes, which served as the foundation of our class system. There are hundreds of distinct features and qualities attributed to the signs by astrology, which lends itself to a robust and interconnected system that has an impact on all the aspects of Zodiac Legion’s gameplay and storytelling.

Zodiac Legion enters Early Access June 2022 on Windows PC via Steam.

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