Ganbarion Announces Farming Adventure Game Engawa Danshi to Kemonotan

Engawa Danshi to Kemonotan

Ganbarion has announced adventure game Engawa Danshi to Kemonotan for smartphones and Nintendo Switch.

The free-to-play farming and monster hunting game is launching first on both iOS and Android on May 27, followed by Switch later in 2021.

Here’s the first trailer for Engawa Danshi to Kemonotan:

Here’s a rundown on the game, via Ganbarion, via its official website:

Engawa Danshi to Kemonotan is an affectionate adventure that recalls the two years between the player, Yotaro, and Tora through a “diary. The goal of the game is to defeat the “monsters” that plague people while growing vegetables with Yotaro in the nature-rich land of Sakamoto. And when you get a little tired, you can take a break on the porch. This is a warm work that you can enjoy at your own pace.


In order to recuperate from an unexplained illness, you are sent to live in a house in Sakamoto. Yotaro, a young man from the village who works hard in the fields, and Tora, a monstrous creature whose life was saved by Yotaro, live there. As they live in Sakamoto, helping out in the fields and cooking, they discover that the cause of the disease is a “big monster” that has lived in the area since ancient times. Yotaro, Tora, and I are on a quest to find the monster that possessed you.

As the story progresses, you will grow closer to the two of them. You may be asked to do something different than usual……?


Voice: Junya Enoki

A young man from the village where the protagonist lives. He cultivates the fields and delivers homemade vegetable soup to the people of the village who raised him. He is 21 years old and was born in spring.

Voice: Ban Megumi

A monster who was saved by Yotaro. Ever since Yotaro rescued her from a fallen body, she has been living in his house. She loves sweets and has a weakness for chives.


  • The Field – Help Yotaro grow a variety of vegetables.
  • Cooking – Use the vegetables you’ve harvested to make dishes. If you cook them well, they will become the power of the tiger.
  • The Great Monster Hunt – Join forces with Yotaro and Tiger at night to search for the Great Monster Thing. This is a turn-based battle with one tap and no action.
    Kill as many monsters as you can to find the cause of the disease, the “Great Monster”.
  • Life on the edge – When you get tired of working in the fields and cooking, or at certain points in the story, you can enjoy various conversations with Yotaro on the porch. Spend time relaxing with Yotaro on the porch and deepen your bond with each other.

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