Final Fantasy XIV Death Unto Dawn Trailer Released

Final Fantasy XIV

A new trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV 5.5 content patch titled Death Unto Dawn has been released.

The new trailer teases new content for the MMO such as the continued main story quests, a new dungeon, and new trial (small raids where players fight a single boss). The previously reported PlayStation 5 beta will also go live following the patch.

The new trailer and information about the patch from the Final Fantasy XIV official site can be found below.

Main Scenario Quests
Death Unto Dawn – Part 1

The Scions have finally succeeded in discovering a cure for tempering, which should prove instrumental in allowing the Eorzean Alliance and the land’s beast tribes to settle their differences. Prospects of peace may soon fall to ruin, however, as Fandaniel and the Telophoroi scheme to recreate the Final Days, and ominous towers rise in all corners of the realm. With the servants of chaos amassing at every turn, will the Scions uncover their plot before it is too late?

New Dungeon

Though the herding of livestock keeps the nomadic Amalj’aa constantly on the move across the sweeping plains of Paglth’an, the permanent settlement of Zolm’ak offers respite for the weary and a venue for gatherings both political and social. Yet without intervention, it may not long be so…

Chronicles of a New Era
The Sorrow of Werlyt

With adamantine armor and a beating, blood red core, the Diamond Weapon is the culmination of countless sacrifices and untold suffering. When the ultimate triumph of the VIIth Legion’s monstrous Weapon project descends upon Werlyt, who will be saved, and who shall fall?

The Cloud Deck

The advent of the Empire’s final and most fatal Weapon sees Gaius and the Warrior of Light take to the skies aboard Cid’s latest creation. Will these miracles of technology and camaraderie allow them to rise above the threat of destruction that looms over Werlyt once more?

Ishgardian Restoration Updates

Thanks to the tireless efforts of skybuilders one and all, the Risensong Quarter now stands complete, bringing the restoration effort to a triumphant close. As a new age dawns in Ishgard, luminaries from across Eorzea have been invited to the Firmament to take part in a ceremony commemorating this momentous occasion.

PlayStation 5 Open Beta

The open beta test for the PlayStation 5 Edition begins, bringing with it full 4K support, vastly improved loading times and framerates, and a better gameplay experience than ever before. Richer, more immersive adventures await─across Eorzea and beyond!

Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.5: Death Unto Dawn releases on April 13th.

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