Destiny Child Newcomer & Returning Player Tamamo Log-In Event Ends April 8

Destiny Child Tamamo

SHIFTUP have announced the ending date of their new and returning player log-in event for Destiny Child, where players can earn Tamamo.

The game is focused on the ruling Archfield Lucifaro retiring, sending the Infernal Realm into chaos. As demons seek to rule via the Archfiend Contest, players must build up their armies using Childs; creatures born of a human making a pact with a demon, that often resemble their pactmaker.

As previously reported, the game celebrated 10 million downloads. Among the celebrations New players (and those who have not logged in for 30 days) will also get a 5 star Tamamo Child, Crystals, and other rewards across the eight log-in days.

The press release (via email) has confirmed this log-in event will end April 8th, when maintenance will be conducted, and the event will then be gone. The press release has also detailed Tamamo and some of her other friends they can obtain in the game.

You can find the full rundown on them below.

Bewitching Tamamo
Fire, Role: Debuffer, Stars: 5, Skills: Nullifying effects of buffs with Allure and delivering dot damages with Bleed to enemies

“You! Our eyes have met. Resign yourself and hand over the meat.”

Tamamo latched on to Master in order to find a new lover. One day, while searching for a way to forget her past, she happened upon a festival and had a fated encounter with a beef extravaganza. That melts-in-your-mouth texture and juiciness for days… She now dreams of finding a new lover—one who can buy her plenty of meat.

Tamamo, a nine-tailed fox, was a being of immense power with supernatural magic of charm. Her dark energies caused mysterious accidents in the surrounding area. It was related to a grief love story where Tamamo lost her love. (* Related story: Tamamo’s Tale)

Justice Incarnate Mafdet
Water, Role: Attacker, Stars: 5, Skills: Giving buff Critical Damage to herself with Awakening and hitting strongly.

“I don’t let rule-breakers go unpunished!”

Mafdet will punish anyone who dares to break the rules. The incident with Tamamo led her to have a fated encounter with a monk’s bow. She then fused with it and gained power and a sense of duty she didn’t have before. She wishes for there to be justice in the world, and for all to find happiness.

The priest, who owned the bow earlier, was the old lover of Tamamo. Affected the memory contained the bow, Incarnate Mafdet tends to take care of Tamamo. (* Related story: Tamamo’s Tale)

Mother Heket
Wood, Role: Healer, Stars: 5, Skills: Restoring a set amount of HP for a certain duration. Removing a debuff from Wood type Allies.

“Well, hello there. What do you say we solve the declining birth rate problem?”

Borrowing her name from the ancient Egyptian goddess and prolific mother, Heket is a Child born from a pactmaker who was flabbergasted by the declining birth rate problem. As such, she goes to extremes to bring more children to the world. If she were to ever call out to you, you’d do well to run as fast as your legs can carry you.

Heket wants to make birth with Devil but doesn’t disturb other Childs flirting with Devil, because the birth rate problem is most important for her; she doesn’t care anything about other than increasing birthrate. (* Related story: Recurring Dream)

Cutesy Pakhet
Water, Role: Defender, Stars: 5, Skills: Disturbing enemy’s attack and increasing DEF with Ice Barrier.

“You’re super lucky, Chief. Getting so much attention from cute little me.”

Pakhet borrows her name from an ancient Egyptian feline goddess. She confidently plays up her cuteness, but she’s extremely sensitive to being disliked, and will cry at the drop of a hat. She wants to experience everything her bashful pactmaker missed out on. Romance is of particular interest to her.

Pakhet calls Devil a “Chief”, even though there is not that kind of relationship. Pakhet’s handmade chocolates in a pink heart-shaped box are for Devil as a Valentines day present, which is extremely hard. (* Related story: Déjà vu)

Gambler Anamone
Water, Role: Supporter, Stars: 5, Skills: Increasing ATK and fastening skill charge.

“High risk, high reward! Wanna have a go?”

Chosen as Channel Evil’s MC for her good looks and clever tongue, she may seem like a moody simpleton, but in reality she leads a turbulent life. Her gambling habit may or may not spring from work stress and trauma from once being poor, but it’s clear that it won’t be fixed without a major intervention. At work, her relationship with Tristan and Isolde is strictly all business.

In the Raid “Summer Scandal”, Anemone had Devil’s party involved in a rigged match and gambled away her all money. As the game went in the opposite way she expected, she finally lost all money and got fired from Channel Evil. Thanks to this event, Devil took Anemone and her collages, Isolde and Tristan. (* Related story: Summer Scandal)

Diver Mona
Water, Role: Debuffer, Stars: 5, Skills: Decreasing target’s DEF and inflicting dot damage

“UV block, check! A hot summer alone with Mona.”

Succubi need vacations too! Even after that lively summer scandal, Mona’s swamped with work. But she refuses to give up and finally gets her own vacation. Seeking relaxation like water in the desert, she puts on her flippers and snorkel and dives straight to the beach, where it’s always summer!

Mona, the leader of Devil’s supporters, is dedicated to Devil though looks mischievous. She always spent hard time taking care Devil, and also Davi and there was lively accident, so she truly needed a vacation. (* Related story: Summer Scandal)

Certain Priestess
Related Child: Blind Faith Maat
Light, Role: Healer, Stars: 5, Skills: Restore HP and purifying debuffs from ally. Reviving a dead ally.

“A doomed holy woman who wandered the land in search of God.”

Seeking peace of mind, a girl sought succor in devout prayer to God. But at the church where she went to pray, she met a demon instead. Born from a wish to meet the Absolute, this Child chose the name Maat, after the goddess who ruled all of creation. She is happy to spread the gospel whenever and wherever she goes, even though she does not actually know what kind of god she worships. She also has a bad habit of running off to cathedrals whenever she gets a chance, which is admittedly not the kind of place one would expect to see a demon kicking back.

Notice: this is a Soul Carta’s image and the actual image of Child different from it.

Soul Carta are special pieces of equipment that can change the appearance of a child, and also come with new artwork.

Seaside Goddess
Related Child: Incarnated Chang’e
Water, Role: Supporter, Stars: 5, Skills: Fastening attack of allies with reducing Cooldown and increasing Skill Gauge

“The spring born of humans is long gone. It’s now just the spring of demons.”

A Child born of a lonely but tough young woman. She was named after Chang’e, the goddess who was exiled to the moon, as an homage to her pactmaker’s loneliness. The monkey with her is named “Wukong.” She is a sweet, kind Child. Perhaps in an effort to make a stronger connection with the unwary young master, she calls him “dear.” Her appearance belies no hint of the unimaginable power she possesses.

Notice: this is a Soul Carta’s image and the actual image of Child different from it.

Destiny Child is free-to-play and available on Google Play and iOS.

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