PVP Match-Three Mobile Game Duel Summoners Available Now

Duel Summoners

Dragon Chronicles creator Nyou Inc. have announced the global launch of PVP match-three mobile game Duel Summoners.

As stated in the press release (via email) the game combines PVP gameplay with match-three puzzle games. Summoners from around the world have gathered for the Tournament of Summoners, bringing with them over 30 Heroes that can join your team of four.

Link three or more of the same color to summon that hero to attack your opponent’s health bar, and use their unique skill to turn the battle in your favor. These heroes can be upgraded to be even mightier, and ready to take the fight to online PVP.

“With Duel Summoners, We aim to satisfy both the strong tradition of competitive PVP mobile gaming and the need for simpler online gaming experiences that just about anyone can understand and enjoy pretty immediately,” says Jung Hwan Kim, CEO of Nyou Inc. “The iconic Match Three gameplay has turned out to be a perfect match for our mission to bring PVP to the masses.”

You can find the launch trailer and screenshots below.

Duel Summoners is available now on Android, and iOS.

You can find the full rundown (via the Google Play) below.

Got tired of the ordinary match 3 games? You’re more than welcome here.

Duel Summoners is a casual and simple but also strategically playable PVP puzzle game.

Simple gameplay brings everyone the joy of summoning heroes. The fun does not end here. To become the best summoner, you will need a wise strategy, a little bit of luck, and lastly, your confidence for the victory.

Once again, this is not just a puzzle matching game. Hard to imagine what this game is?
Then, I strongly recommend you play it. I guarantee you that it will be a pretty enjoyable time.

Game Play

  • Connect 3 or more blocks of the same color in a single stroke freely up, down, left, right, and diagonally!
  • A hero with special skills will be summoned when three or more blocks of the same color are connected!
  • Remove as many blocks as possible to summon a more powerful hero!
  • Removing the skill block activates a special skill belonging to the hero!
  • Achieve victory by taking advantage of the opponent’s heroes and skills!

Game Features

  • Enjoyable puzzle action with simple gameplay
  • Real-time PVP match-3 puzzle game with full of thrilling strategy
  • Strategic play through heroes with unique skills and special abilities
  • Collect cute and unique SD characters
  • Real-time PVP battle with other players
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