Dungeon Defenders: Awakened Launches March 17 for Xbox One, Later in 2021 for Switch and PS4

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened

Independent developer Chromatic Games has announced the release date for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on consoles.

The latest in the Dungeon Defenders series is launching on March 17th for Xbox One, followed by a release later in 2021 for Switch and PlayStation 4.

It’s worth mentioning the Xbox One version includes all of the content from the PC version, like the Transmog system that lets you customize your characters, the Rifted modifier, and a host of other updates and refinements made since its early access launch.

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened was originally released in Early Access for Windows PC (via Steam), and has since hit full release.

Here’s a new trailer:

You can read the full rundown of the game (via Steam) below.

That’s right, it’s back! The Dungeon Defenders franchise is finally making its glorious return with Dungeon Defenders: Awakened from Chromatic Games.

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened is a co-operative Action RPG/Tower Defense game that brings loot, leveling, pets, and character customization to a legendary 4 player co-op experience.

The past has been changed! Choose your hero and construct an epic defense to fight off hordes of enemies while you jump into the fray to protect Etheria. Team up with up to four players as you level up, claim legendary loot, and take on the armies of enemies that await you!


  • Protect your Eternia Crystal! – Master the Squire, Huntress, Apprentice, and Monk to fight off hundreds of minions bent on mayhem!. Build and utilize your arsenal of blockades, towers, traps, and auras to keep the Eternia Crystals safe. The only requirement is to win, but it’s up to you to choose how!
  • Party Up – Defending Etheria is better with friends! Bring three of your friends online to jump into the fray with you!
  • Make It Rain Loot – Gain a plethora of loot while fighting off waves of foes that approach! Swords, crossbows, staves, polearms, axes, grenade launchers, beam sabers, and so much more are yours for the taking.
  • Customize Customize Customize – Everything about Dungeon Defenders: Awakened is chosen by you. The gear you use, the way your hero looks, where you build your defenses, which defenses you build — you are the master of your destiny in Etheria!
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