PS5 Reportedly Crashing, Wiping Saves, Rebuilding Database, Bricking, More

PlayStation 5 Rest Mode PlayStation 4 Games external hard drive bug

PlayStation 5 players are reportedly suffering from a bug from Rest Mode and playing PlayStation 4 games from an external hard drive; causing the console to crash, wipe save data, rebuild its own database, and even brick.

We previously reported how PlayStation 5 players were suffering from a bug that prevents the download of some games, with the only solution being a factory reset. However, a fresh helping of launch day woes are now at their feet.

GameSpot, Digital Trends, WCCFTech, and others on social media report that the PlayStation 5’s rest mode can lead to it causing the console to crash, wipe save data, and even bricking the system. “Multiple” GameSpot staff have also encountered the issue.

WCCFTech reports that this issue is also caused by playing PlayStation 4 games from an external hard drives. In some cases this leads to the console to prompt users to rebuild the PlayStation 5’s database (much like when the console is turned off improperly due to a sudden loss of power) or bricking the system.

WCCFTech also report others have solved the issue via canceling downloads, restarting the system, or performing a factory reset.

The issue has reportedly occurred with Astro’s Playroom, Demon’s Souls (2020), Godfall, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Spider-Man Remastered. Nonetheless, Insomniac Games’ Community Director James Stevenson tweeted they were looking into the issue. He would later recommend fully closing either Spider-Man game before entering Rest Mode.

While the 20.02-02.25.00 update for the PlayStation 5 launched on November 17th, it only stated that it “improves system performance” with no other details. However, WCCFTech report that due to Stevenson’s comments coming after the update launched, that the issue is not fixed.

They also claim this may mean the issue will need to be solved on a game-by-game basis, rather than with the console’s operating system.

Image: PXHere, PlayStation

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