Deathloop Two Birds One Stone Gameplay Trailer


Bethesda Softworks have released a new gameplay trailer for developer Arkane Lyon’s time-looping assassination game Deathloop.

The game launches Q2 2021 for Windows PC, and PlayStation 5. As previously reported, the game takes place on the island of Blackreef, an island full of debauchery and chaos. An assassin known as Colt however, is stuck in a timeloop with everyone trying to kill him.

Colt is still trying to reach his target; Aleksis Doresy, the “Alpha Wolf.” Along with Aleksis, Colt must kill eight “Visionaries” in one night, before the loop resets or rival assassin Julianna Blake kills him.

The new trailer focuses on Aleksis and Egor Serling, a scientist who appears to have a few of the teleporting powers Colt has. Players will need to find a way to lure him out of his lab, so he can be in the same place as Aleksis; and surely the other Visionaries.

You can find the Two Birds One Stone trailer below.

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