PlayStation 5 Showcase Premieres September 16

PlayStation 5

Sony have announced their PlayStation 5 Showcase, focusing on games coming to the upcoming next-gen console.

Sid Shuman (Senior Director of SIE Content Communications) stated on the PlayStation Blog “Our next digital showcase will weigh in at around 40 minutes, and feature updates on the latest titles from Worldwide Studios and our world-class development partners.”

The news comes after Microsoft announced the release date and price of the Xbox Series X; November 10th for $499 USD (ERP). Further, EA Play will be coming to Xbox Game Pass at no additional cost.

The announcement was likely motivated by the leaks of the all-digital Xbox Series S, latter formally announced. It also launches November 10th, but for $299 USD (ERP).

This surely left Sony deciding how to proceed with the release date and price of the PlayStation 5. During the Xbox Series X announcement, PlayStation was trending on Twitter as users begged for a price to be revealed.

In earlier news, Bloomberg reported that Sony were allegedly taking a wait-and-see approach to the PlayStation 5’s pricing, according to their sources. This was seemingly motivated by struggling to find parts and a limited production.

These was seemingly alleviated, with Bloomberg later reporting that PlayStation 5 production had reportedly doubled to 10 million. The alleged reason for this was due to the increased demand for gaming due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Rumors claimed that the PlayStation 5 was “considerably” more expensive than the Xbox One X prior to Microsoft revealing the price; prompting Sony to slash the price of the upcoming console.

While the PlayStation 5 Showcase was not confirmed to be revealing the console’s price (along with its digital-only counterpart), we would be surprised if this was not revealed at this time. Even so, Sony would have mentioned an upcoming price reveal to generate interest, and more viewers for upcoming and newly revealed games.

The PlayStation 5 Showcase premiers September 16th at 1 p.m. PDT. The PlayStation 5 launches Holiday 2020.

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