Kizuna AI Joins Neptunia Virtual Stars as Playable DLC Character

Neptunia Virtual Stars

Compile Heart have announced that virtual YouTuber Kizuna AI will be joining Neptunia Virtual Stars as a playable DLC character.

In case you missed our prior coverage, the CPUs have been hurled into Virtualand- which is being invaded by aliens attempting to steal the digital world’s content and Virtual YouTubers.

Players fight in action RPG combat, using the game’s various mechanics to keep refilling their MP and weaken foes. During boss battles, bosses become weaker and stronger depending on what part of the background music is playing.

Now, Compile Heart has revealed that the kickstarter of the virtual YouTuber craze Kizuna AI will be joining the game as a playable DLC character. However, which “Kizuna AI” may be another matter.

The “artificial intelligence” had splintered off into numerous other personalities (each with different voice actresses). These include “Black” Kizuna AI, Number 2, Number 3, and the Chinese Kizuna AI.

Each personality specializing in a different role- such as playing video games, more generalized content, singing music, or for Chinese speaking audiences. Over time, the original Kizuna AI appeared less and less.

It was announced in April the voice actress for the first Kizuna AI, Nozomi Kasuga, would become an advisor for new company Kizuna AI Co., Ltd.; the virtual YouTuber’s new owners.

The image in the tweet and listing on the official website show the design of the original Kizuna AI design. This would seem to be the original Kizuna AI (as seen in a recent video here).

You can find the full rundown (via Idea Factory International) below.

In a dimension called Virtualand, the virtual planets that exist within it contain an extraordinary ability to produce a commodity known as content. Of these celestial bodies is a tranquil planet known as EMO. This was the latest target of a nefarious group whose sole purpose is to destroy content created by virtual planets… Anti. Their decimation of EMO has left its citizens hopeless.

Just then, VTubers, popular live-streamers from Earth, were suddenly transported to Virtualand. Because VTubers possess an affinity for creating good content, they were obvious targets for Anti, who quickly captured them and turned them into data pockets known as V Cubes.

Fair, the Virtual Goddess and leader of Planet EMO, sent out a distress signal to multiple dimensions in the hopes of a miracle. Two groups received the signal – the rising VTuber stars, Mi and Yu, members of MEWTRAL, as well as the Goddesses of Gamindustri: Neptune, Noire, Blanc, and Vert. Both parties, now entering unfamiliar terrain, decide to team up to duke it out against Anti! Can they band together and save planet EMO from complete destruction?

Key Features

Switch On-The-Fly – Seamlessly switch perspectives between melee and ranged shooter characters in fast-paced hack ‘n’ slash battles – get the right combos for more bonuses and greater damage!

Feel the BeatTik Rhythm – Team up with real-life virtual YouTubers and get fans riled up in BeatTik rhythm game performances to save the planet!

BGM got me going! – Background music can help or hurt you in special boss battles, changing battle conditions and even unlocking coordinated finishing moves.

Cheer up with VTubers – VTubers can randomly join you during battle to help! With their support, they can cheer you on during play and even provide you with a special prize if you make their dreams come true!

Neptunia Virtual Stars launches August 6th in Japan, and in 2021 for North America and Europe, for PlayStation 4.

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