Tasomachi New Game+ Expo Trailer, Launches 2021 on PC


Playism and developer Orbital Express have released a new trailer for Tasomachi, during the New Game+ Exo live stream.

A 3D platformer, the game focuses on the young girl Yukumo. She travels on her airship, breaking down in an oriental-inspired ghost town devoid of people, but with cat-like creatures instead. Delve into the town’s mystery, and try to repair your airship.

You can find the New Game+ Expo trailer below.

You can find the full rundown (via Steam) below.

Yukumo is a young girl who travels around in her airship, her pride and joy. When visiting a particular Oriental town to run some errands her airship suddenly breaks down. She decides to explore the town to search for parts for repair; however, the town has fallen silent with no trace of the people who live there, the only inhabitants being a strange cat-like species…
Tasomachi is an adventure game in which you can freely explore an Oriental Fantasy town. You will control Yukumo as you explore the mysterious town, clear dungeons and collect items in order to fix your broken down airship.

Tasomachi is currently under development and is planned for a 2021 release on PC.

Wonder into a mysterious and sleepy town where time flows slowly and explore to your heart’s content.
Communicate with the “locals”.
Explore highways, bridges, ravines and other such scenic locations.

TASOGARE NI NEMURU MACHI (TASOMACHI) in Japanese means “A city sleeping in twilight”.

Tasomachi launches 2021 on Windows PC via Steam.

Image: Steam

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